My Personal Experience - Well mine and my brothers

I have to admit I am still very sceptical when it comes to ghosts and the whole paranormal thing. But I have to tell the world about a weird experience my brother and I had when we visited Edlingham Castle in Northumberland.

There is not much left to this castle now, there is alot of history in northumberland of fighting between England and Scotland, and this castle although never used directly in battles, was a fortified house, this meant that fending off attacks was easier and defences were stronger.

So onto my experience, my brother and I were visiting the castle, you must go it quite remote and a bit weird, it was actual a nice day the weather was dry and it we still day light. we were walking around in the ground of what used to be the main house part of the castle.

I went down into a little hole at one end, and I felt a strange feeling, so I asked my brother to do the same, and he said the same thing as I did as if there was some kind of presence there.

We continued looking around the castle, and then I heard a noise. The sort of noise as if someone was walking on wooden floorboards, when I hear this I looked up to where the noise came from, adn I noticed that there is actually no floor above at all and no roof or anything above me, I could see where the flooring would have once been, and can see from the onsite layout of the castle that, the part of the castle I was in did in fact at one point have an upstairs and was more of a house. I never said anything to my brother at that time.

Now when we were walking away we both said that we heard the same noise, and almost at the same time said that it sounded like someone walking on floorboards. I remember it clear as ever it sounded so clear. I am so glad my brother heard it.

So if anyone out there has any stories of edlingham or any other ghostly experiences to share, let me know and I will glady post them on this blog.