Ghost Radar and my House

OK so picture the scene I was out on a photoshoot today with my other half, as one of my jobs is a photographer adn she is a model.

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When I mentioned to thephotographer about the cool application Ghost Radar, as he mentioned that they hear things in the studio sometimes, doors closing and such. So I fired up Ghost Radar and what do you know it started showing results, so he downloaded it and is having a bit of a play. Now I never thought anything of this and just closed the application (or at least I thought) and got on with stuff.

Now about an hour ago my other half Becky, who is a model by the way check out her on FaceBook and whos shoot it was today, shouted upstairs that Ghost Radar just went off and said the name Joseph, now I honestly thought I turned it off, but I guess I never.

now I want to put this out there to my fellow ghosty peeps, our kitchen is really cold and now Ghost Radar shouted the name Joseph. So do you think my kitchen is haunted?

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Ghost Hunters / TAPS Store

I decided that as I enjoy prefer Ghost Hunters and TAPS to open a store dedicated to everything they do, so after loads of list building I have created an Amazon store dedicated yo my favourite ghost hunters Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson.

Please buy something from the store to allow me to keep on with my ghostly blog and to allow the great team at TAPS on continue their great exploits.

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Ghost Hunt St Cuthberts Forcett

Ok so there we were my little brother and I sitting in my front room, just waiting around for the other half to finish making the tea on a dark Saturday night, when the subject got on to ghosts and ghost hunting. We are planning a bigger night ghost hunt and my little bro said that we should check out the local church, I had never even been in this church so though hey why not.

Now the only problem is the that this local church St Cuthberts is directly opposite my house, in fact as I write this I can look into the graveyard. So I was kinda hoping that is would be a peaceful and quick hunt, although although my window looks over the graveyard and not being that afraid of ghosts, kinda works both ways for me.

So we headed over the road and into the church grounds, and to be honest there was not really much happening, but we had the camera with us and fired off a few shots, there was nothing on these shots to make us think there was paranormal happenings a foot.

But as always I had my trusty Blackberry Torch with me and on it I always have Ghost Radar, and this started to show a few words, but not much else.

So we headed into the church itself, great think about rural churches is that they are open most of the times, on entering the church it was so dark we could not even tell what we were walking on.

As you can see we were walking on carpet. So we walked around the interior of the church not being able to see. Yes we know we should have brought a torch with us but we didn't :(.

So as we walked around the church, the Ghost Radar on my phone went mad, showing all sorts of things and showing words like Cry, Fall, Job and each time it went off we snapped off a photo.

On one occasion we think we have some nice orbs, pay particular attention to the middle top and left, as we think the others are reflections from objects in the room, but cant see what could be causing these two.

We have counted out the ones to the left and right as simple reflections, but cant see why the two in the middle are there. All thoughts welcome as always.

Now we continued this process, each time Ghost Radar said there was something we took a photo, and sadly nothing else inside the church showed up.

So we headed back outside, and again Ghost Radar showed us the same set of words Cry, Fall, Job, however on one occassion I was checking ghost radar and we took a shot, what looks like an orb showed up near my hand.

We wondering around the graveyard and took some more shots, and we think that it seemed we were getting a bit more activity, more orbs and ghost radar working well.

Check out between the third and fourth headstone in the following shot, we think its an orb, and before you say its a gravestone we checked and there are no headstones behind at all.

Now the next shot we took was when Ghost Radar was going really mad, loads of blips on the screen and the word Cry constantly on the screen. If you check out the gravesstone in teh middle and look to the left of it you can see what we think is an orb.

So as you can see although it was a quick ghost hunt we think we have found some good stuff, and I have a done a little bit of research and there was someone who died when the church was built. Maybe connected maybe not, but interesting all the same.

I do suggest though if you are doing a ghost hunt, don't do it too close to home, kinda thankfully on this time we saw onyl possible orbs, but I think if we saw more I might be included to move house.

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Haunted Magazine

Thought I would share this great blog and new magazine with my fellow ghosty peeps.

Haunted Magazine is a magazine dedicated to everything paranormal and all things in between.


Studley Royal / Fountains Abbey Water Gardens North Yorkshire Strange Light

Thought I would share this photo with you all, I went to Fountains Abbey near Ripon North Yorkshire today and took some picture with my phone.

At the Studley Royal Water Gardens they is a tunnel type thing which you go through to get to the higher path. So when I went through I thought I would take a picture, so I did with no flash.

(please note I have boosted the image contrast to show the light more clearly, nothing else has been done to this image)

As you can see there are clearly two spots of light on the image, I think the lower one is the far entrance to the tunnel as you can see the brick of the wall in it. As for the one at the top right I have no idea what this is.

So I through this question out there, does anyone know of any ghost or tales of ghosts surrounding Fountains Abbey, Studley Royal or the water gardens?

Ghost Radar - Mini Darlington Ghost Hunt

Ok so I thought I would try to see if this Ghost Radar thing actually works, so I took a mini ghost hunt around Darlington, County Durham.

Afer living in Darlington and the areas for almost 10 years, I am familiar with the ghostly tales in and around the town, and most recently the tale of the poor homeless man murdered in St Cuthberts church yard in the town centre. This sparked my curiosity as I figured that being murdered was one of the most common causes of ghosts and paranormal activity . So I started at St Cuthberts Church.

Here are my findings.

St Cuthberts Church

I walked around the church and concentrated on the areas around the trees. On walking around the Ghost Radar application went nuts, on the screen there were several dots (indicating some kind of activity) and the word FIGHTING appeared on the screen.

Now this may just be coincidence but I have a feeling that this is directly related to the incident that took place here, as the word appear when I approached one of the trees were the incident took place.

Mechanics Yard

Walking along down mechanics Yard, actually one of the lanes from High Row to Skinnergate, the word FIGHTING appeared. Although there were no blips on the screen, so again I can only imagine what may have happened in this alley. If anyone knows of anyone who has been murdered during a fight or similar let me know.

Quakers Graveyard

I then went and investigated the old Quakers Graveyard, behind the friend meeting house on Skinnergate. Again a massive amount of activity on the screen, blips all over the place.

As I walked around the following words appeared on the screen THIN, RAIN, FLOOD. So I dont know if anyone buried in this graveyard died in a flood, but I would love to know. So again if anyone knows of a flood in Darlington at this point let me know.

Bull Wynd

My final street was Bull Wynd, the street just off market square. Again there was quite alot of activity on the screen and the following words appeared VISITOR, LIGHT, EGYPT.

So all in all I found Ghost Radar to be an intersting piece of software, whether or not the information is accurate at this point I don't know. I am hoping to do to a place with known activity and factual evidence of names, dates, events to try it again.


I have recently redone this hunt this time using the software called "THE PLAN" and I have to say it makes my hunting a whole lot easier, I recommend visiting "THE PLAN" website and downloading a copy.

Ghost detecting Tools - Ghost Radar

I was wondering what everyone out there using to detect ghostly presence. I dont actually have any official ghost equipment, EMF 's, Infrared or any thing else. But I was browsng the web the other day and found a cool piece of software by Spud Pickles called Ghost Radar.

I tried this program and actually got what seemed like results, ghost blips on the radar and words on the screen. What I am planning on doing is trying it in a documented ghost place to see if the results make any facts about any area. So stay tuned to this space.

If you want to try Ghost Radar it is available for most phones and is totally free.

Download it from the Spud Pickles Website


I haev recently came across some great software by Dennis Batchelor that makes your ghost hunts a whole lot easier, the software is called "THE PLAN" and its like your electronic logbook, letting you record and keep track of all your ghost information from your hunts. I highly recommend getting a copy from  "THE PLAN" website.

Happy Hunting.