My Dad and I had a weird car journey

This story is a little bit harder to write as sadly my dad is not around anymore. But this story just fits so well with this blog I can't not tell it.

So hear goes, my dad and I were driving back from Scotland after visiting my dads brother, my uncle. We were driving down the A1 just a bit north of Bamburgh. Anyone who know the A1 in Northumberland will know that it is a single lane on both sides. It was really dark and we were just chatting and enjoying driving back when we say a car in the distance in front of us.

As we got further down the road we could still see the car, and we noticed the car driving straight and then the lights just disappeared. We thought nothing of this as the car was a way in the distance and we jsut thought it had taken a turn off.

Now when we got to the point where the car turned off, or as we thought has turned off. We could not see any signs of a turning, road or anything else where the car could have gone to. In fact all there was was a hedge. There was no where the car could have gone.

The strange thing is that this stretch of road is really bad for accidents and there are signs posted all along warning about the amount of people who have been killed on this road.

So was what we say a re-enactment of a car accident, some kind of phantom car live the last moments over and over. I guess I will never know.

But I can say this if you are driving on the A1 in Northumberland drive safely.