Dorset Ghost Investigations

So you have all heard of the TV shows such as Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters and Most Haunted .
But have heard of another amazing show called Dorset Ghost Investigators the team behind DGI are Glen and Ahmed, and they set out 3 years ago to prove if ghost exists or not.

Over this 3 year journey they have gone from using basic equipment to up to date state of the art equipment, all in their quest to prove if ghosts are real. Including devices like the Ovilus, Spirit Box and Thermal Imaging (FLIR) camera. I urge you to go and chek them out. The great thing about the show is its raw nature, its not your typical edited polished production, its simply ghost hunting in its element with one goal to see if ghosts exist or not.

You can find our more about them on their website

Where can I watch episodes of Dorset Ghost Investigators?

At present you can't watch DGI on any normal TV channel, but you can watch ever episode in full, all 90 of them on YouTube via the DGI channel -

So fire up you tablet, laptop, phone or computer and give DGI a watch and don't forget that you can now watch YouTube on your big TV using lots of different devices, from the Sky Now TV box or Roku Streamer, to your games console and the Google Chromecast.

So what are you waiting for, go watch Dorset Ghost Investigators now, and I promise you you will love it and they are going to be the next big thing in Ghost Hunting, mark my words.

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BoWcHiCaWoWwOw1985 said...

I love your raw and realness.I am a big fan of real ghost haunting. I want to understand the paranormal and it is refreshing to see something that isn't polished and fake.Keep up the good work

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