Ghost Radar and my House

OK so picture the scene I was out on a photoshoot today with my other half, as one of my jobs is a photographer adn she is a model.

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When I mentioned to thephotographer about the cool application Ghost Radar, as he mentioned that they hear things in the studio sometimes, doors closing and such. So I fired up Ghost Radar and what do you know it started showing results, so he downloaded it and is having a bit of a play. Now I never thought anything of this and just closed the application (or at least I thought) and got on with stuff.

Now about an hour ago my other half Becky, who is a model by the way check out her on FaceBook and whos shoot it was today, shouted upstairs that Ghost Radar just went off and said the name Joseph, now I honestly thought I turned it off, but I guess I never.

now I want to put this out there to my fellow ghosty peeps, our kitchen is really cold and now Ghost Radar shouted the name Joseph. So do you think my kitchen is haunted?

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