Ghost Hunt - New Zealand

Ghost hunt is another one of my ghost shows, I really like this one as it again follow a team of investigators trying to seek out the paranormal.

The team is Michael Hallows, Brad Hills, Carolyn Taylor. This program is really cool as the team always make a pint of having the best gadgets and make a point of have both locked off camera setup in the locaiton as well as having head mounted cameras.

Now this is especially the good bit of this show (pay attention Most Haunted) I know that when stuff is going on it is nice to see how scared the people are, and shots of the faces is always a nice idea. But I watch these programs to see ghosts and not to see peoples faces, this is where Ghost Hunt does the job really well.

The investigators all wear head mounted cameras, that give us two different views, the normal in the face close up, or the blair witch view, and the other lets us see exactly what they see. So if they claim to have see something we get to see. Now why dont we get this on other programs.

What I love about this program is the team are so well organised they know exactly where in the location they are going, and they have lots of gadgets setup so they can monitor the whole place from inside their van. Now thats cool.

I watch this show on Sky as I am in the UK, not exactly sure which channel or what time its on, If anyone out there knows please post a comment and let everyone know.


Anonymous said...

Ghost is on zone reality and zone reality +1 (sky 146 and 147) and is on at random time and random days usually around midday or 6 o'clock at night
p.s. i am a big fan but it really freaks me out some times

Sean J Connolly said...

Many Thanks for the post and the pointer about the channel. Lets hope the fans out there get to watch it.

Anonymous said...

Hi! was actually looking for the exact name of this show. I'm looking for the video they did in the Opera House in Wellington, does anyone know where I can get it?? I'm in France now and can't access the english channels... thanks! Vanessa

Sean J Connolly said...

The show is actually called 'Ghost Hunt' and its New Zealand based program. The main web page for it is

Happy Watching