Ghost Hunt St Cuthberts Forcett

Ok so there we were my little brother and I sitting in my front room, just waiting around for the other half to finish making the tea on a dark Saturday night, when the subject got on to ghosts and ghost hunting. We are planning a bigger night ghost hunt and my little bro said that we should check out the local church, I had never even been in this church so though hey why not.

Now the only problem is the that this local church St Cuthberts is directly opposite my house, in fact as I write this I can look into the graveyard. So I was kinda hoping that is would be a peaceful and quick hunt, although although my window looks over the graveyard and not being that afraid of ghosts, kinda works both ways for me.

So we headed over the road and into the church grounds, and to be honest there was not really much happening, but we had the camera with us and fired off a few shots, there was nothing on these shots to make us think there was paranormal happenings a foot.

But as always I had my trusty Blackberry Torch with me and on it I always have Ghost Radar, and this started to show a few words, but not much else.

So we headed into the church itself, great think about rural churches is that they are open most of the times, on entering the church it was so dark we could not even tell what we were walking on.

As you can see we were walking on carpet. So we walked around the interior of the church not being able to see. Yes we know we should have brought a torch with us but we didn't :(.

So as we walked around the church, the Ghost Radar on my phone went mad, showing all sorts of things and showing words like Cry, Fall, Job and each time it went off we snapped off a photo.

On one occasion we think we have some nice orbs, pay particular attention to the middle top and left, as we think the others are reflections from objects in the room, but cant see what could be causing these two.

We have counted out the ones to the left and right as simple reflections, but cant see why the two in the middle are there. All thoughts welcome as always.

Now we continued this process, each time Ghost Radar said there was something we took a photo, and sadly nothing else inside the church showed up.

So we headed back outside, and again Ghost Radar showed us the same set of words Cry, Fall, Job, however on one occassion I was checking ghost radar and we took a shot, what looks like an orb showed up near my hand.

We wondering around the graveyard and took some more shots, and we think that it seemed we were getting a bit more activity, more orbs and ghost radar working well.

Check out between the third and fourth headstone in the following shot, we think its an orb, and before you say its a gravestone we checked and there are no headstones behind at all.

Now the next shot we took was when Ghost Radar was going really mad, loads of blips on the screen and the word Cry constantly on the screen. If you check out the gravesstone in teh middle and look to the left of it you can see what we think is an orb.

So as you can see although it was a quick ghost hunt we think we have found some good stuff, and I have a done a little bit of research and there was someone who died when the church was built. Maybe connected maybe not, but interesting all the same.

I do suggest though if you are doing a ghost hunt, don't do it too close to home, kinda thankfully on this time we saw onyl possible orbs, but I think if we saw more I might be included to move house.

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Leon Davis said...

This Ghost is something else!