Ghosts on Really - Ghost Adventures

I love my ghosty stuff and love watching TV shows about ghosts hunting and the paranormal, I do prefer the shows that initially sit on the fence, rather than shows which seem to think every noise of movement is a ghost. Show like Most Haunted for example where everything is a ghost.

So I was asking about online and was pointed in the direction of a show called Ghost Adventures.

What is Ghost Adventures?

Ghost Adventures is a US show hosted by Zak Bagans in which Zak and the team are locked in a location overnight, the great thing about this show is that as Zak has experienced things himself, and that is the whole reason behind the show.

He is trying to find evidence of the paranormal, and during which he is not afraid to entice ghosts and get them to appear or do something. The good thing is that Zak and the team go out of their way to try to prove and disprove everything, so they are happy to Debunk thing which are not paranormal.

Where Can I Watch Ghost Adventures?

Ghost Adventures - Really TV (freeview channel 17) - Thursday 8pm

I live in the UK, so I thought that watching this show would be hard, but I was so wrong as you can watch Ghost Adventures on Really TV (freeview channel 17) Thursday nights from 8pm, with the new series being on at 9pm. Which is my mind makes #ghostsonreally one of the best hash tags around.

So check out Zak and the team and you will not be disappointed. Trust me

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E. Miller said...

I have watched Ghost Adventures for years, it is one of my favorite shows..I also like Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International, they all go in trying to disprove the ghosts of really being in the locations they go in, but sometimes they all really do find some great evidence that I find to be very interesting...

Tracie Anslow said...

Im with you love ghost adventures an taps an ghi all really brilliant shows. Would love one of do Dudley castle most hunted screamed there way through love to see it investigated properly

Sean J Connolly said...

E. Miller Thank you for your comment, I agree trying to disprove is a great way to start, better than saying everything is a ghost.

Tracie. Now that would be awesome Dudley castle has some very awesome tales told about it.

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