Most Haunted is Back on TV thanks to Really TV

Well as you may have noticed over the last few years, we have had some awesome new shows come to the TV, including shows like Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters International and Ghost Adventures.

The main thing we have been lacking is the UK in all this ghostly goodness. Well that has just changed.

Most Haunted - Thursday 10pm - Really TV Channel - Sky 248, Virgin 267, Freeview 17.

You all know who I am talking about, the daddy of all ghost shows, that is Most Haunted with Yvette and the team. However this show has not been on the air in the UK for several years, and has been sadly missed. Not only because of the unique style of investigating, but as there has been massive advances in the technology used for ghost hunting. Now team use everything from EVP recordings to Night vision, Multi Meters and beyond.

So I am so pleased to let you all know that you can now watch the latest series of Most Haunted on Thursdays at 10pm on Really TV (Sky 248, Virgin 267, Freeview 17). Of course this makes up a great lined up of Ghosty Stuff on Really TV on Thursday.

Thank you Really TV for Thursday Nights #ghostsonreally

So A HUGE thank you to the people at UKTV and the Really TV channel for bringing us a night of ghosty goodness, which as of the time of writing (14/09/14) is as follows

  1. 8pm Ghost Adventures (Zak, Aaron, Nick)
  2. 9pm Ghost Adventures (Zak Aaron, Nick)
  3. 10pm Most Haunted (Yvette, Carl and the team)
Plus at 11pm there is a ghost programme, but this can vary week to week, currently the series Grimm is being shown, but lets be honest we all tune in for the ghost hunting shows :)

So what we need to remember is that none of this would be possible without the great people over at Really TV, so please take a moment to visit the Really TV website at and make sure you follow them on Twitter and like them on FaceBook

I myself love Thursday nights, and especially now the nights are drawing in, its even better time to get your scare on.

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