Little Drummer Boy - Richmond (North Yorkshire)

This is another tale that both my brother and I experienced.

If you know the Richmond (North Yorkshire) area then no doubt you have heard the tale of the little drummer boy for this and other ghosts tales in Yorkshire I recommend the following books
The North of England Ghost Trail (Guides)The Supernatural in Yorkshire (Dalesman Heritage)

Now onto the tale.

My brother and I were walking from Richmond along the route that the drummer boy has taken, now my brother and I like ghost hunting but this was never intended to be a ghost hunt, in short the drummer boy was a military drummer who was tasked with drummer underground in a tunnel to let the
soldiers follow the path of the tunnel above ground.

Well my brother and I were walking along the same route, and when we arrived at the memorial that marks the spot where the drumming was meant to have stopped when the boy was underground. We heard what sounded like drumming, it was clear as day. This is not a small statement as the river flows right next to the spot and its hard to hear anything.

So did we hear the drummer boy or was it our imaginations, all I can say is that I know we both thought we heard drums.

So if you happen to be in Richmond,
North Yorkshire, take a walk along the river towards Easby Abbey and you will find the memorial to the drummer boy. So whether or not the area is haunted is a matter for you to decide. All I can say is if you do go that way and hear drumming, let me know.


Rick's Time On Earth said...

Very cool blog! I worked with a pair of "ghost hunters" in Connecticut for about 15 years. Their names are Ed and Lorraine Warren out of Monroe Connecticut. They're pretty world famous. My job with them was to prove a house WASN'T haunted. 90% of the times that was the case but the other 10% was incredible. You should google their name. A lot will come up about them. Ed passed away 2 years ago but Lorraine is still out there looking for ghost at the age of 80.

Sean J Connolly said...

Thanks for the comment Rick. I think that is the way the world is. I think trying to prove ghosts don't exist is a good way to do things.

After all most things can be explained by normal means, and if you have all the evidence to back up a ghost sighting, then people will believe you more.

wcgillian said...

Interesting subject! I do believe in the supernatural! An incident that happened to me and another officer in Washington state was the subject of an Art Bell, Coast to Coast program twice.


Sean J Connolly said...

Randy, thanks for the comment. why not share your story with the world, email it over and I will post it on this blog, of course full credits and links go to you, lets see if we can see what the world thinks of this topic.

Kaz Munden said...

I am on a paranormal investigation team that is based near Richmond, we have been to the Drummer Boy Stone and Easby Abbey and have always had experiences, we have also got the sound of drumming on our audio equipment.

Sean J Connolly said...


That is so great to hear. I have been to the drummer boy statue on two different occasions and hear something.

If you have any ghostly tales to share, please email them over and I will put them on this blog.

Happy Ghost Hunting.