Stone Thrown at Zack -Ghost Adventures Revisits Goldfield Hotel

As you may already know, thanks to the awesome people at Really TV UK you can now watch Ghost Adventures every Thursday from 8pm (Freeview Channel 17) and not only can you watch Ghost Adventures on Thursday, but you can also watch them on demand by visiting the UK TV Play website -

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So another awesome episode was had on Thursday before the new episode at 9pm, the team revisted the old Goldfield Hotel (series 6 episode 25) and although this is an old episode, like me you will not have seen every episode of Ghost Adventures, and thanks to Really TV we get to watch them here in the UK.

So What Was Special About This Episode? 

Poltergeist Activity That What!!

I have always wanted something to happen in one of the ghosts programs I watch that proves the paranormal, there are always tales of people being hit, things being thrown, noises and everything else. Yet never do we see anything physically happen on camera...

Until Now!!  Stone Thrown at Zak.

During his lone investigation upstairs at the Goldfield Hotel, Zak had a stone thrown at him, and it was all caught on camera, from the stone sitting on the ground to the moment it hit Zack. We get to see every part of its journey, and at no point is there any other reason for its journey other than something paranormal.

Thanks to YouTuber JackCastle999 you can watch this for yourself.

I think you will agree this is the best evidence of the paranormal and I for one have waited years for this to happen, as we always hear tales from property owners, investigators all without any concrete evidence, now that has all changed.

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