Studley Royal / Fountains Abbey Water Gardens North Yorkshire Strange Light

Thought I would share this photo with you all, I went to Fountains Abbey near Ripon North Yorkshire today and took some picture with my phone.

At the Studley Royal Water Gardens they is a tunnel type thing which you go through to get to the higher path. So when I went through I thought I would take a picture, so I did with no flash.

(please note I have boosted the image contrast to show the light more clearly, nothing else has been done to this image)

As you can see there are clearly two spots of light on the image, I think the lower one is the far entrance to the tunnel as you can see the brick of the wall in it. As for the one at the top right I have no idea what this is.

So I through this question out there, does anyone know of any ghost or tales of ghosts surrounding Fountains Abbey, Studley Royal or the water gardens?