Ghost Hunting Software

Ok so as you already know I am not a professional ghost hunter and dont own any of the cool stuff most of you reading this will have such as EMF meters, EVP recorders and alike. Although after doing several mini investigations with my brother, it became apparent that I needed something to be able to provide some information about the experiences we were having.;

So after trawling the internet for dayas on end, I found a program called Ghost Radar, this is an awesome program and with a little research after your hunt actual shows information that is true. Please check out my other posts about Ghost Radar

So what is the problem?

After doing only a handful of investigations and getting loads of photos and information both from personal experiences as well as stuff that Ghost Radar was showing. I started to note things down using my Blackberry as well as taking photos, and then when I got back home I had to make sense of all my notes, photos and everything else and find a place to organise my findings.

Firstly I started putting notes into Outlook using the calendar, adding as much as I could whilst trying to make sense of it all.

Let me tell you this was not easy.

The Solution

A friend of mine said they were using a software pack known as 'The Plan' by a guy called Dennis A. Batchelor to track and record all their findings, this piece of software apparently could even create a professional report about your hunt, making meetings and follow ups a whole lot easier. You can also keep track of everything from photographs to EVP recordings.

This sounded like the perfect solution, so I headed over to the site to download the software, thinking like ghost radar it was free, but it wasnt, its actually about £10 or $19.95. I was hesitant at first, but I figured that for the sake of £10 it looks like it could safe me loads of time in recording my hunts, and if its good enough for professional ghost hunters its good enough for me. So I bit the bullet and bought it.

My Thoughts

I have to thank Dennis for writing as amazing program, as he is a ghost hunter himself it is written with all the areas common on most ghost hunts, such as anything you hear, see, smell, feel or taste not to mention the way you record things such as photographs, evp and all your notes.

So I recommend 'The Plan' to anyone, as it has made my ghost hunts not just more fun but a whole lot more rewarding as I find that as I record my hunt in the program its actually reminds me of things that happened, as the input screens are very specific unlike Outlook :)

So please go and check out 'The Plan' you wont be disappointed

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