Ghost Radar - Mini Darlington Ghost Hunt

Ok so I thought I would try to see if this Ghost Radar thing actually works, so I took a mini ghost hunt around Darlington, County Durham.

Afer living in Darlington and the areas for almost 10 years, I am familiar with the ghostly tales in and around the town, and most recently the tale of the poor homeless man murdered in St Cuthberts church yard in the town centre. This sparked my curiosity as I figured that being murdered was one of the most common causes of ghosts and paranormal activity . So I started at St Cuthberts Church.

Here are my findings.

St Cuthberts Church

I walked around the church and concentrated on the areas around the trees. On walking around the Ghost Radar application went nuts, on the screen there were several dots (indicating some kind of activity) and the word FIGHTING appeared on the screen.

Now this may just be coincidence but I have a feeling that this is directly related to the incident that took place here, as the word appear when I approached one of the trees were the incident took place.

Mechanics Yard

Walking along down mechanics Yard, actually one of the lanes from High Row to Skinnergate, the word FIGHTING appeared. Although there were no blips on the screen, so again I can only imagine what may have happened in this alley. If anyone knows of anyone who has been murdered during a fight or similar let me know.

Quakers Graveyard

I then went and investigated the old Quakers Graveyard, behind the friend meeting house on Skinnergate. Again a massive amount of activity on the screen, blips all over the place.

As I walked around the following words appeared on the screen THIN, RAIN, FLOOD. So I dont know if anyone buried in this graveyard died in a flood, but I would love to know. So again if anyone knows of a flood in Darlington at this point let me know.

Bull Wynd

My final street was Bull Wynd, the street just off market square. Again there was quite alot of activity on the screen and the following words appeared VISITOR, LIGHT, EGYPT.

So all in all I found Ghost Radar to be an intersting piece of software, whether or not the information is accurate at this point I don't know. I am hoping to do to a place with known activity and factual evidence of names, dates, events to try it again.


I have recently redone this hunt this time using the software called "THE PLAN" and I have to say it makes my hunting a whole lot easier, I recommend visiting "THE PLAN" website and downloading a copy.


Anonymous said...

I turned mine on at work and just left it running for an hour and I got these words as well as several blue and yellow blips. a few red as well. I am using the IPAD. any way here are the words it got...
cool- this word came up just as i turned my desk heater off.

Anonymous said...

Hi ppl. Um I am only 14 but I strongly believe in all sorts of paranormal activity I have done a lot of different things but haven't discovered anything. I am a lil disappointed. I hav a ghost radar but all it does is give me a whole lot of words bt nothing of the paranormal sort. As I said I believe strongly bt I surprisingly don't believe what you guys say

Sean J Connolly said...

Thansk for the comments guys, I agree that ghost radar is a bit confusing to start with.

It works in such a way that the words or at least some of them are connected with paranormal activity in the area you are in, the best way I found to kinda get the wheat from the chaff was to do a bit of research on the words, normally picking up on events and people, such as things like smoke, fire, water will normally point you to something that may have happened in the area in the past.

Happy hunting

SoakT said...

Me and my friend went to the graveyard. we did not stay long as it was too cold to wait for the radar to get all 3 lights on but we got a few blips red ones. and a few blue. this is what we got:

turn - we got this as we were walking out from the graveyard. we had a red blip following us. it keept popping up behind us a few times. and as we got to the gates it said Turn.

Sean J Connolly said...

Thanks for sharing your experience guys, I think some of the words you got relate to the old railway that used to be in darlington, there were a few lives lost in connection to that. Huge thanks again for sharing, any more ghost hunts you do dont forget to share.

ohhhhnooo32 said...

'ghost radar' on my kindle really is real.. :)
it has said alot of words when blips appear-and sometimes when they dont , creepy.. :)
but I was driving and had it on.. i was about to get on a highway, the thing said 'blew, and highway' and that next second b4 the highway.. my tire 'blew' seriusly creepy.. I have uninstalled it 4 now.. creeps me out.. but yall have fun :)

Anonymous said...

The first word mine said was my sons name george who was sleeping in his bedroom. I was a skeptic... But that can't be a coincidence.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sean there was a young lad who got beaten up and died in mechanics yard a good few years ago now . Hope it's of some help

Sean J Connolly said...

ohhhhnooo32 thats awesome, so glad that you believed it enough to stay off the highway.

Anon - Thats really creepy that it said your sons name.

Anon - Thanks for the head up on the mechanics yard murder, I will have to go and look over all the words I got when on my hunt.

Anonymous said...

Try the civic theatre we got some good results when we were there.