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If anyone out there has any ghostly tales to tell, why not drop me an email will your ghostly goings ons, and I will post them on this blog and give oyu a link back to your website.

So dont be shy, share you experiences with the world.

Looking forward yo your ghostly tales.

Kitchen - Haunted or Not?

Ok so it happened again. I was standing in my kitchen when I heard footsteps in the bathroom above. It is so strange because it sounded ust like someone walking. Strange thing is there was no one in there and te footsteps seemed to stop in mid-walk.

So what does the world thing? has anyone else had a similar experience? am I just imagining it?

TAPS - Trans Atlantice Paranormal Society

I was watching TAPS last night and as always it was a great show. What seems strange to me is that it appears that they are having problems with staffing, the staff jsut does not seem to be doing the work correctly to find any evidence on the footage caught.

I think its a shame as TAPS is quite a cool program, and has found some cool stuff already.

So what does the world out there think of this? Is TAPS on the way out? I Hope not.


OK huge sigh from me, Thanks fully TAPS is still going strong and getting bigger everyday, Great work by Jason and Grant and teh team, and its now even moved overseas in the form of Ghost Hunters International. GREAT WORK to all invloved.

Not really Ghostly - But Still Good

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Thanks and back to the ghosts

Seaton Delaval Hall Mausoleum and White/Grey Lady

I thought I would talk about an experience I had a few years ago, by a few I mean about 15 years back.
Like most teenagers my friends and I were looking for advernture all of the time, and doing typical teenage things, going to the beach, camping and the normal stuff.
We all enjoyed looking around old buildings and we had heard of several tales surrounding Seaton Delaval Hall, which is located just north of Whitley Bay, in Tyne and Wear.
On one of our many bike rides we decided to visit Seaton Delaval Hall, after visiting it with the school and being told the tales of how a young women was suppossed to be seen at one of the upstairs windows, after dying waiting for her lover to return from battle. As you can guess he never returned and she died of heart ache. Sounds strange but this is just the start of it.
Whilst on the same school trip we were told about a Delaval family mausoleum or crypt that was suppossed to be located somewhere within the grounds of the hall, but it was not open for public viewing.
Well as you can guess we had to find out, so we visited Seaton Delaval hall and intended to find this mausoleum, after dark.
On the day we cycled to Seaton Delaval Hall it was a clear crisp night and we got to the hall gates to find them locked, so we were standing around chatting about where the mausoleum could be, and to my shock we all looked at the hall and in one of the upstairs windows we all say what looked like a women, kind of greyish white, and then she just looked like she turned away. She looked weird. Ghost or not?
So whether or not it was the supposessed ghost that haunts the hall I don't know, what I do know is that it set us on edge and we were all really ready to continue our journey.
We cycled along the road, and we spotted the Seaton Delaval Hall Mausoleum in the trees just of the road up to Seaton Delaval, well not just off the road its a bit of a struggle through bushes and nettles, after all it is not open to the public.
We got there and the structure itself is quite scary, after it is a real mausoleum and looks and feels like that.
At this point I will point out that the picture at the top of this post is the actual mausoleum, and a HUGE thanks to Steve Ellwood for this picture, take a look at his pictures of the mausoleum The building itself does not look all that scary, especially in the sun.But if you imagine this at night it is quite scary.
Now when we got to the building and went into the structure that is above ground, we had heard that there was some weird rituals that took place at this location, and that it is possible to go underneath the building into the crypt.
We found a way to get under the structure, and climbed down into a small chamber, and not only was it dark but the walls are all designed to hold coffins or bodies, so there are shelve type things where there are meant to be, if you picture a morgue, its kinda like that buy without the doors on the places for the bodies.
On the flloor and one of the walls we say what looked and pentagram, which is said to be the sign of the devil and used in rituals for devil worship. When we say this we all got really terrified and decided it would be a good idea to leave. So we all climbed back up to ground level.
When we were all back in the building, but above ground, we heard noises coming from the chamber. Its sounded like movement, even though we were all there and none of us were in the underground chamber. We got really scared and got out bikes and headed home.
Now this is where things really got weird, when we were a safe distant away from the building, we looked back, and I swear I could see a figure in the window, it looked like a thin looking man. I saw this in the window you can see in the picture at the top of this post.
So the questions I have are simple. How come we all say what looked like a ghost in the window of the Hall? Was it a ghost or something worse that we heard moving in the mausoleum? Who was the figure standing in the windows of the mausoleum? I guess I will never know. But if anyone else has had any experiences here let me know.